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How to buy clothing

Selecting the perfect exercise outfit for the Pacific Northwest can be tricky.  While we are rarely shy on rainfall it is very difficult to find materials that will keep you totally dry without causing you to overheat.  For this reason we strongly suggest finding clothes that will stay comfortable after they get a little wet.  Layering is a great option because it allows for added temperature flexibility during a workout.  As is the case with most exercise related equipment there is not one single answer that will work for every person but below we have listed some suggestions to consider while making apparel decisions.  Please never hesitate to stop by and speak with one of our knowledgeable sales associates if you have any questions or would like some advice!

Layering is a great option because it allows for added temperature flexibility during a workout.


Cotton typically does a poor job of moisture management.  As cotton absorbs moisture it tends to get both heavy and abrasive which can chafe and irritate your skin.  Now more than ever there are many different types of fabrics for you to experiment with which will wick moisture away from your skin and perform much better than cotton.  We carry an assortment of fabrics from simple 50/50 blends to wool imported from the mountains of New Zealand that will keep you warm and comfortable in the face of Seattle’s volatile weather.   


When layering clothing the most important piece is the base layer.  The base layer will be interacting directly with your skin, so it’s ability to manage moisture while not irritating your skin is really important.  As you begin to look towards selecting outer layers, ventilation and weight are very important to consider.


Another great and simple strategy for moderating temperature is to exercise with gloves and a hat.  Lots of heat is lost through the hands and the top of the head, keeping those areas covered will greatly increase your insulation.  Also if you begin to overheat hats and gloves are easily removed and fit nicely into pockets.